Drunken writer

April 6, 2008 at 1:45 pm (Writing) (, )

It seems that when I get slightly tipsy, I start getting bombarded with inspiration that I just have to note down before it slips from my addled brain. At the time, I’m obviously convinced that each thought or line is the seed for a heart-breaking work of staggering genius. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. At the risk of embarrassing myself completely, let me share with you three drafted text messages that I’ve saved to myself in the last month or so to remind myself to write about:

“Isolde Harlequin”

“Tent grass toes”

“When I displayed my thinness like a badly kept secret”

What the…? The first one might have been the name of an amazing heroine who was going to capture the hearts of the literary world and earn me millions. Hmmm. The last one sounds like a line of terrible teenage poetry. I think that I might have to get drunk again before I understand the middle one – honestly, I haven’t a clue. Looks like I’m going to have to abstain from the wet stuff if I want the muses to come a-knocking.


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