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June 22, 2008 at 7:52 pm (Publishing, Reading) (, , , , )

The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas.  I am very hooked; I’ve read about 200 pages since this morning.  I’m almost happy that I’m currently living five extra tube stops out than usual so that I get more commute-reading time…  I’m definitely enjoying this novel more than Going Out, by the same author, that I read a few years ago.  It seems much more refined, whilst retaining her kookiness.

The book was part of WHS’ offer where you buy a newspaper (The Times) and get the book for £2.99.  I don’t usually buy The Times and I never buy books from WHS (or Waterstones, Borders, supermarkets – love your indie!), but this swayed me and I’m feeling alternately guilty and chuffed.  On one hand, people will buy books – always good.  On the other, it’s the publisher who loses money (whilst gaining sales, chart position, author confidence, profile).  The retailer gets paid lots of money, the author gets their usual royalties (DEFINITELY a good thing), and I guess The Times gets a few more sales, too.  My wallet loves it, of course, but what about indies, who can’t afford to run such an offer?  Oh, it’s intensely pesky!


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