Editorial ambitions

August 21, 2008 at 8:18 pm (Doing, Publishing) (, , , , )

Gosh, I’m rather terrible at updating this blog.  Bad me.  I’ve probably lost the few readers that I had.  Okay, new leaf time!  I’m in my new flat, with internet, and it’s time to stop being a lazy blogger.

Right – to the subject of this post.  I work in publishing, but I’m not exactly in the role that I want to be.  Like every English Lit graduate with their eye on the publishing game, I want to be an editor.  I’m very grateful for my current job – I landed it fairly easily, I work for a big publisher, the people are lovely, and I’ve learned so much about the industry – but I’ve been there a year and I’m not getting any younger (I graduated my BA four whole years ago, unlike many fresh-faced publishing newbies).  If I want to get into editorial before my teeth fall out, I’d better get a wriggle on.  So, when a vacancy for editorial assistant at my imprint came up, I went for it.  And didn’t get it.  I’m not bitter; in fact, I’m rather glad – the role wasn’t quite right for me, but the whole process of applying and being interviewed has given me some focus.  The job was in commercial fiction, which I made a good stab at being enthusiastic about, but the book snob won through and I was exposed for the literary luvvie that I am.  The editor who talked this through with me gave me some good advice – stick to your passions.  I could have got the job in commercial fiction and been there until 10pm every night, working my arse off but having no love for my books, but everyone involved in that scenario (me, the authors, the books) deserves better.  After a year in publishing, my conviction to be an editor is definitely still strong, but there’s no point leaping into the wrong job in my eagerness to get ‘editor’ or ‘editorial’ into my email signature.  I just have to be canny is all.  And hope that Virago come a-knocking…



  1. WritingMinion said,

    I completely agree. At this point in our lives we can be picky about what we want to do and we should be! its important to find the right fit and get into a career and not a job. i know you’ll find some brilliant job editing the most heartbreakingly literary books I’ve ever read and much champagne drinking will commence! besides, we’re not all ogres here in non-editorial positions.

  2. WritingMinion said,

    did you notice i used the term job in editing– wow, completely negated my point, eh?

  3. Kirsty said,

    Here here! (or Hear Hear – I never know which one is right) Anyway, here’s to careers and champagne and working with lovely non-ogres whilst we get there.

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