September 28, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Writing) ()

Yep, it’s nearly that time again – nanowrimo approaches!  I clicked onto the site earlier today on a whim, expecting to be shooed away until nearer the time, but it’s abuzz with activity and the forums are whirring.  So, I updated my age and author info and started thinking about my 50,000 words…  I’m determined to be better prepared this year, so maybe October should be renamed nanoprepmo – by the end of it, I plan to have indepth character breakdowns, plot summaries, chapter outlines, folders full of inspiration that will help me forge ahead with my word count rather than looking at a pitiful 250 words and asking myself “What does my protagonists do next?”

Are you nanowrimoing?  If so, please pop over and buddy me – I’m lipsty.


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  1. WritingMinion said,

    I firmly believe in the power of the outline….of course, i also believe in procrastination, which the outline endorses!

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