To the bitter end – or not

October 9, 2008 at 6:09 pm (Reading)

I’ve been giving up on a lot of books lately.  One hundred pages in, 189 pages in, fifty pages… I give it a commute or two and if I’m not feeling it, it goes back on the shelf.  It’s frustrating and dissatisfying.  So, am I making bad book choices or are my standards too high?  Each of the novels I’ve shelved has sounded amazing from the blurb and I’ve been excited to dive in, but then…  Despite the potential of the last three novels I’ve started to read, the characters don’t engage me, the writing is mundane, and the plot seems stilted.  I think it’s mainly the characters.  I expect a lot from characters; they have to be believable, thorough, intriguing.  They don’t even have to be good or eloquent, as long I believe them.

I think that I might have to lay off the super-new literature for a while and head back to some classics.  At least I’ll know what I’m getting.



  1. Line Larsen said,

    There are so many books out there. Life is too short to read the ones that don’t speak to you. Maybe you are picky, but after all, it’s a matter of taste. With all the choices available for the hungry reader, there is no reason not to look for something truly special (to you).

  2. WritingMinion said,

    Sometimes its just the wrong book at the wrong time. I’ve had a few books that I picked up at the wrong time and couldn’t get through, only to pick them up months or years later and count them as some of my favourite books of all time! Sometimes, its just the place the books in with relation to the place you’re in. I know, stupid, but there you have it.

    Besides, loads of lovely books out there, so why not sample all that there is on offer and only really go back for seconds on those books that really call to you! Or, do what I do and re-read something brilliant– or something super light. Sometimes, reading something I don’t expect much from restores my faith in books!…and sometimes not.

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