Happy, happy

November 16, 2008 at 8:43 pm (Writing)

Something very exciting is happening this week and the only clue that I’m giving away is that it warrants new shoes.

So, this nanowrimo malarky, eh?  It’s a bit of a beast.  I, for one, am way behind, but I’m fairly pleased with what I’ve got so far and I really think that, regardless of whether I make it to 50k (and I’m coming down firmly on the side of not, with 12,746 at the halfway point), I’ve got the makings of something.  I’ve got a few friends, however – one of whom I introduced to the whole concept of nano, who is now cursing my bones – who are taking it very, VERY seriously.  Although they are well ahead of the month-so-far target, I’ve heard tell of tears, hair-tearing, and a few incomprehensible, jibbering moments from the pair of them, which leads me to wonder – is nanowrimo good for your health?  I’m enjoying the impetus that nano gives me to sit down and write, but I’m not going to exhaust myself to reach 50k.  Does this mean that I lack a competitive edge?  Probably.  Oh well.


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  1. writingminion said,

    can i just say that i LOVE your new shoes!

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