Liars’ League

December 10, 2008 at 6:16 pm (Doing) (, , )

I’m not sure what to say about the event I went to last night.  It was very well attended, that’s for sure (I spent the evening sitting cross-legged on the floor due to lack of available chairs).  Everyone was very enthusiastic.  There were candy canes.  Um.

The basic premise is that six short stories (800-2,000 words) are read aloud by six actors.  The stories varied from fairly bad to reasonable, which was slightly disappointing, but not a giant surprise from an amateur event (that’s not to say that the quality at amateur readings is always low, because of course it’s not – I’ve heard some amazing work).  I think that the main thing that bugged me was that the actors who read the stories were so… actory.  The silly voices and over annuciation really detracted from the writing.  Yeah, I think that’s what bugged me.  I’ll give it another go, though, because maybe I’m just judgemental.


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  1. Adele said,

    i actually know what you mean about actors getting a bit too into themselves and ruining the writing. Will look forward to hearing how it goes next time.

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